Data Integration with your Business Applications

Connect your valuable databases with DocuWare for the seamless exchange of critical index and meta information. Enrich document index data in DocuWare with external data sources — or use DocuWare data to populate your other systems. Automatically index large volumes of documents at once to ensure all repositories are precisely consistent.

DocuWare is your central repository for documents, but those documents require rich index and meta data for maximum value. Much of that index data is captured when documents arrive in DocuWare — but even more relevant data may reside in external databases. DocuWare can retrieve information from a data source and uses that dataset to populate records within DocuWare. Large volumes of documents can be indexed quickly for complete consistency. Conversely, index information from DocuWare can be written to records of external data sources. DocuWare works with diverse data sources: a standalone database, a more limited database view, a DocuWare file cabinet, or even a simple CSV file.