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Services and Solutions

Our services and solutions empower you to capture, process and use your business information. Keep your teams fluid and productive, automate document workflows in any organization, and protect data and documents with secure, centralised archiving.


Barcode recognition

EAN, QR or postal codes: DocuWare recognizes a variety of bar codes, reads them and uses the information for document indexing.


Data Integration with your Business Applications

Use data from other applications to complete a document’s indexed metadata to ensure consistent taxonomy.


Fulltext indexing (OCR) - Words read off documents

In addition to structured index metadata, DocuWare creates a full-text record of all content for precise, customizable search queries.


Importing Emails & Attachments from Outlook

Integrate Outlook deeply into DocuWare to manage and store emails and attachments securely in seconds.


Intelligent Indexing of Documents with Learning

AI-based technology converts document content right into indexing terms. Instead of error-prone manual data entry, this indexing approach takes place automatically and within seconds.


Mailbox Monitoring to bring in Emails & Attachments

Organize and store emails from all your accounts centrally along with other business content.


Mobile Apps for Documents, Files and Workflows

Get your processes rolling while you're on the move and effortlessly capture and file documents with our mobile apps. Get up-to-date status information while on-the-go. Tackle tasks from any device.


Web Forms for data capture

Speed up data capture through customizable web forms and share the information with anyone else who needs it.


Workflow Design and Coding

Automate recurring manual team and organizational tasks from simple notifications and approvals to complex, multi-level processes. Streamline processes by designing automation workflows with an intuitive drag'n'drop interface.

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